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20th Death Anniversary

posted Dec 14, 2012, 6:57 AM by Webteam Karaitivu.org   [ updated Dec 14, 2012, 6:59 AM ]

My dearest Punitha Mami,

It’s been 20 years today since you decided to go and live with angels
like you in the heaven. There isn’t a day goes that we don’t think
about you. We didn’t even get
a chance to say good bye or how much you meant to us. You treated us
as your own daughters. we were three apples of your eyes, probably
because we had
recently lost our father when you joined our family from one of the
well respected family in Karaitivu. Even when we behave mischievously
we secretly rely on your
support because we knew you’d always take our side and never be angry
at us. Although I’ve seen you cry a few times have never seen you
angry. I liked the way
you handled everything with the trademark smile of yours. when we used
to get gifts and clothes for new year and other celebrations, every
one chooses to buy for
youngest one in the family. Despite I’m being the eldest you always
buy things for me. It meant so much for me at that time and even now
when I think back. I still
remember the taste of the last meal you cooked for me. it was fried
prawn, prawn curry, and prawn sothy. You did that all just because I
liked prawn. Thank you so
much I felt really special you treated me like a princess then.

The gap you left in our family is still there. It will never be
filled. Only can be filled with the love you showered us with. love
you and miss you lots Mami.

Loving niece

Info:Mrs.Inpa Nesarajah